THE PROBLEM: The current Princess fleet was not memorable. The ships were solid white with very little branding. There was little to no individual ship name recognition, nor any Princess Cruises logo branding. It also did not represent well in advertising and marketing materials due to lack of branding. The competition, while in port and at sea, as well as in print and on the web, all had easily recognizable ships.
THE SOLUTION: We developed a Princess branding system to be implemented fleet wide that is also consistent with our current marketing efforts. The design reinforces our 50 year old Princess brandmark, and also prominently displays each ship name. The design highlights our brand color, is recognizable and legible from appropriate distances, and when photographed or shown in video. We also had to take into account and understand serious technical / physical requirements of applying the proposed brand scheme onto ships (new builds and existing ships). We are now able to harness millions upon millions of brand impressions and further the recall of our brand logo in the eyes of consumers.
before ship was painted with princess brandmark
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